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Discover creative packaging ideas to make your shipping process more efficient and enhance the presentation of your products. Find inspiration and improve your customer's unboxing experience.

If you’re looking to get packaging supplies and ideas for your handmade products without spending a fortune on them, stick around! Today I'm going to be giving you four hacks on how to save money on your packaging materials. If you're selling your products online, then a big part of your business is actually getting your items to your customer. That means you need to have shipping boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and all kinds of things so that your item can get there safely in one piece. It can be…

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Caramela is a Monterry-based chocolate boutique and caterer that creates traditional treats inspired by European pastries. Their identity, designed by independent design agency Anagrama, is an unusual but striking mix of a sweet neon pink and clinical white, a subtle 80’s retro-fashion polkadot pattern, the practical/industrial and craft aesthetic of an unbleached and uncoated substrate, adhesives and white screen print, ...

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