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[RIDICULOUSLY SMART] This robot(not a toy) supercharges kid potential with its advanced brain, supportive personality, and range of educational STEAM content. In fact, kid who actively use Miko have seen a 55% increase in engagement with the platform’s academic activities. Packed with deep-learning AI, Miko gets to know your kid a little bit better every day. [SERIOUSLY FUN] Need a joke when you’re down? A dance when you’re bored? How about a yoga session to calm your mind? This kidSAFE…

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<p>As usual, this year's CES showcased remarkable technological innovations across a wide array of relevant categories — robotics, drones, artificial intelligence (AI), smart home tech, and much, much more. Those attending in Las Vegas got to see the stunning new technologies that will be on shelves and in the workplace in the coming years (if not months).</p> <p>Let's profile some of the best robot innovations from this year's CES 2023: </p>

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ROBOT PETS - Eilik is the perfect companion for both kids and adults who love pets, with abundant emotions, idle animations, and interactive features! There are also other fun mini-games. ABUNDANT INTERACTION - Place on the desktop and experience Eilik's world of emotions with just a touch. The head, belly, and back, each of which triggers different emotions. With a variety of expressions waiting to be discovered, you can also lift it or gently tap its head. Gentle or temperamental, it all…

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KIDS TOYS: This educational robot toys for 3 years old and up boys and girls,children in this ages likes to imitate talking, that the robot can imitate and can repeat everything you said, no matter laughter, sing or speaking any sounds, it will brings infinite delight to kids STEM TOYS: This robotics is control by touch induction and voice command.Touch sensors to control turn left, right, forward,backward and volume adjustment or into other mode. Voice control it not only for the direction…

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ADVANCED INTERACTIVE ROBOT TOY: Our robot dog provides endless hours of interactive fun for kids aged 5-7. Engages children in imaginative play & encourages social interaction INCREDIBLE FUNCTIONALITY - With the remote control feature, kids can effortlessly maneuver their robot dog toy. They can make it walk, dance, and perform various actions, enhancing fine motor skills. SMART PROGRAMMABLE ROBOT - Our smart programmable robot allows kids to program specific actions & movements, stimulates…

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