Spain history

Take a journey through the captivating history of Spain and uncover the rich heritage of this extraordinary country. Discover the key events, influential figures, and ancient civilizations that have shaped Spain into what it is today.
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Antique lithograph published by Larousse in France in 1897, beautifully detailed, depicting the map of Spain, its flags and military. Condition: Very good; Printed on the reverse (see image 2). Type: Encyclopedia/Dictionary page, Book plate, Original lithograph print. Paper size: Inches: approx 12.4" x 9.4" ( 31.5 x 24 cm). Origin: Paris, France. Antique prints can have some imperfections, discoloration and minimal spots, but this is due to age and give the picture a certain charm. Please…

49 Rare Photos Document Everyday Life of Asturias, Spain from the 1870s to 1900s Vintage, Vintage Photos, People, Spain Aesthetic, Historical Photos, Asturias Spain, Spain And Portugal, Historical Pictures, Vintage Photographs

Asturias, officially the Principality of Asturias, is an autonomous community in north-west Spain. It is coextensive with the province of Asturias, and contains some of the territory that was part of the larger Kingdom of Asturias in the Middle Ages. Divided into eight comarcas (counties), the autonomous community of Asturias is bordered by Cantabria to the east, by Castile and León to the south, by Galicia to the west, and by the Bay of Biscay to the north. The most important cities are the…

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