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Explore a collection of street films that capture the essence of urban life and will inspire you with their unique storytelling. Immerse yourself in the raw emotions and captivating stories of these cinematic masterpieces.
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Tokyo Japan Film Photography shot on Canon AE-1 Program 35 mm with Kodak Portra 400 film by (IG account)@caitpoli. These photos are from a trip to Japan in January 2020 - showcasing the streets of Japan, pro-wrestling, and anime. Click on the link to see more photos on the blog. #japan #tokyo #tokyojapan #prowrestling #streetphotography #filmphotography #njpw #newjapanprowrestling #japanphotography #film #35mm #photography #japanaesthetic #kodakfilm #kodak #shotonfilm #filmisnotdead

Fuji Film Simulations: Best Recipes for Portraits, Street, Landscape, and More — Shark & Palm Fuji Camera, Kodak Ektar, Film Stock, Exposure Compensation, Camera Hacks, Classic Films, Fujifilm, Lightroom Presets, Shark

Fuji’s film simulations aren’t just a filter you slap on. They’re unique to the Fuji ecosystem, endlessly customizable, and react in wildly different ways to different colors, light, tones and textures, and occasionally faithfully emulate classic film stocks. Here are the ones you need to know.

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From the stray cats of Istanbul to Belgium’s cross-dressing carnival, the LensCulture street photography awards celebrate a bold new wave of street-life chroniclers. Here’s our pick of the best entries

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