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Enhance your graphic design classes with creative teaching methods that engage and inspire. Discover top ideas to help your students develop their design skills and unleash their creativity.
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If you want to become a graphic designer you should read this post where I explain what is graphic design, the different types of graphic design, best graphic design careers and answer frequently asked questions about graphic design! Click for more graphic design inspiration and design tips! #design #graphicdesign

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The number one thing that self-taught designers get wrong about graphic design? That their main goal is to make things look pretty. Here’s what you should focus on instead to create better graphics and more effective results for your clients.

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Curriculum… Just take a second to let that word soak in… How does it make you feel? Worried? Confident? Restricted? Reassured? However you feel about it, having a set curriculum is something that many administrators expect of teachers. And whether you like it or not, it does help you organize your plans and can calm some anxiety […]