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Claire Lyons moves into Massie Block's guest house hoping that her and Massie will become BFFs. But Massie's got other ideas in mind. Massie makes Claire's life miserable from the second that she steps onto Massie's perfectly cut lawn. All Claire wants is to fit in, but unfortunately Massie tries her best not to let that happen. But, is Massie's best enough? Geeks, Mean Girls, Elizabeth Gillies, Friends, Lady, Marlow, Clueless, The Clique Movie, Vanessa Marano

Hey people! Lisi Harrison the ah-mazing author that writes The Clique series( we heart her times 10 000, wait, even more than that!) interviewed Ellen Marlow (the lucky girl who plays Claire Lyons) awn August 6 on her BLAH-G that she updates every wednesday. Here it is: MEET MOVIE KUH-LAIREAugust 6th, 2008 Heyyyyy, Welcome to Kuh-laire week. The last book of the summer collection dropped yesterday and we’re going to celebrate with an interview from Movie Claire or Ellen Marlow if you’re…

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