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It all started last year when Patrick and I flew around the world twice to create Photographing The World with Elia Locardi. We documented our entire three months of travel and edited it all down into 16 behind the scenes episodes. Earlier this year we created a behind the scenes series with Joey Wright covering our Swimwear Photography tutorial. These series have been so

Amber Muir
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New year, new travel list! We’ve started our travel bucket lists for 2019 by crossing off some of the places we found too crowded last year in search of the next 'it' destinations. If you feel like 2018 was the year of seeing and doing it all, this guide is for you. From cloud forests in Panama to Australia’s most underrated coast, here are 22 of our top trending travel destinations for the New Year. We’re even including a few places Stateside so you can keep your travel plans low-key to fit…

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