Things to do with your best friend list

Create lasting memories with your best friend by trying out these fun and exciting activities. Explore our list of top ideas and make the most of your time together.
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75 Memorable & Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend

If you and your bestie have missed out on things together for a while, then it's time to switch things up and start trying some of these crazy things to do with your best friend.

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40+ Funny Texts That Show How Easily We Misunderstand Each ...

With the invention of the smartphone, one of the important features of such phones; messaging, has taken the world by storm. Instead of talking in person, people now rely on texts to convey their opinions. It is supposed to make communication easier, but ironically, sometimes messaging can just cause people to misinterpret each other.One might ask his friend a question through messages, but get an answer that does not even correspond to such. There are many other ways for one to…

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