Trampoline makeover ideas

Transform your trampoline into a stylish and entertaining outdoor feature with these creative makeover ideas. Discover how to give your trampoline a fresh new look and make it the highlight of your backyard.
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This project was at the top of my outside DIY list this summer: figure out steps for our trampoline! We've had our trampoline for a couple of years and have been using an $8 white plastic patio chair for the kids to get in and out of it. Not only was it an eyesore in the backyard but really, really unsafe. I was hoping we could build something cheap, safe and attractive instead of buying an aluminum ladder- I wanted something more substantial for the little kids to maneuver in and out of the…

Eszter Kubanek
Trampoline ideas - fix your current trampoline. My trampoline had broken straps that hold the trampoline V rings. So I sewed a new strap using fishing line and a big sewing needle.  So far so good.

Trampoline Ideas - fix your trampoline. I describe how I fixed the broken straps that hold the springs to the trampoline mat using a big needle and some fishing line. I can't guarantee this will work for you, but check it out and maybe it's something you can do to salvage your current trampoline instead of having to buy a new one. I didn't have a Speedy Stitcher sewing awl so I used a big sewing needle and some fishing line and then used my Leatherman pliers to push the needle down. Worked

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