Wild Game

Explore a variety of mouthwatering wild game recipes that will satisfy your adventurous palate. From succulent venison steaks to flavorful rabbit stews, discover new ways to enjoy the thrill of cooking and eating wild game.
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I love seasonal cooking especially when we have a bumper crop in the garden. It's really rewarding to be able to prepare a meal that we harvested in the field and combine ingredients from the harvest in the garden. The older I become, the more important it is to me to know where my food

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Slow-smoked to medium-rare perfection, this peppercorn crusted elk tenderloin is a simple yet sophisticated wild game recipe. Coated in a garlic compound butter, sealed with a crushed peppercorn coating, then slow-smoked to a perfectly tender texture.

Melanie Norton
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When I fill my tag on a beautiful elk one of the first thoughts that crosses my mind amongst many others is, "I CANT WAIT TO COOK THE TENDERLOIN!" Such a delicious piece of meat and a perfect way to celebrate a successful hunt and getting meat in the freezer to feed your family. I hunt for lots of reasons. Tradition, passion, perseverance, feeding my adventurous side. Its my happy place to be in the woods and the memories made out there during hunting season are irreplaceable. Even during…

Jen Stanfield-Dawson