TDF_ToorakGarden_post08 — ThePlanthunter

A meandering decomposed granite pathway is flanked by native shrubs such as coastal rosemary (Westringia spp.), Grevillea and Banksia species. Photo – Annette O’Brien for The Design Files.

TDF_ToorakGarden_post07 — ThePlanthunter

Brian & Trish Perkins Gardens in the Melbourne suburb / Butterfly chairs from Angelucci Century and Jardan Stanley stool.

TDF_ToorakGarden_post06 — ThePlanthunter

A gorgeous spot for a morning coffee! Butterfly chairs from Angelucci Century and Jardan Stanley stool. Styled by The Outdoor Stylist. Photo – Annette O’Brien

TDF_ToorakGarden_post11 — ThePlanthunter

A simple white painted wall provides a minimalist backdrop to large pots of feather grass (Miscanthus spp).

TPHxTDF01_post5 — ThePlanthunter

Timber stump used as a stool. A crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia 'Natchez') forms the focal point of the garden. Bluestone steppers wind through the garden to the rear gate protecting the groundcover (Dichondra repens) from getting trampled.

TPHxTDF01_post3 — ThePlanthunter

The Design Files x The Planthunter. The Sydney Garden of Jonathan West, Shauna Greyerbiehl and Family. Production – Lucy Feagins/The Design Files and Georgina Reid/The Planthunter. Via Design Files

TDF_ToorakGarden_post10 — ThePlanthunter

Plant /Life: Brian & Trish Perkins - The Planthunter

TDF_ToorakGarden_post13 — ThePlanthunter

Brian and Trish Perkins, and Soup the dog (!) in their Toorak garden. Photo – Annette O’Brien

TPHxTDF01_post2 — ThePlanthunter

Sydney Garden · Jonathan West, Shauna Greyerbiehl & Family (The Design Files)

TPHxTDF01_post1 — ThePlanthunter

Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera) hanging about on a rock. In small spaces, design is very much about ensuring objects have both practi.

TPHxTDF01_post4 — ThePlanthunter

Japanese maple underplanted with native flax lily (Dianella caerulea) and tussock grass (Poa labillardieri). The dichondra forms a lush green carpet The Design Files x The Planthunter