Tim Tam Fudge - **Recipe first appeared in ThermoFun Australia Day Recipe Box – for more great recipes download here – ThermoFun Australia Day Recipe Box ** Tim Tams + fudge mmmm – this is always a good combination. Great for giveaways to friends or just to have as that 3.30’itis kicks in! Note: These work well sliced into …

Thermofun – Tim Tam Fudge

best recipes for the thermomix tim tam fudge

Giant Iced VoVo tart for Australia Day

Arnott's Iced VoVo tart

Iced Vovo Tart: Pay tribute to an Aussie classic by transforming the iconic Arnott's Iced VoVo into a delectable tart.

Australia Day Koala Cupcakes!! Cutest cupcakes

Something I Whipped Up: Search results for Koala cupcakes

Iced Vo-Vo Cake - perfect for Australia Day! - Oh my lordy lord, am sooo making this for Australia Day!

Iced VoVo Cake ~ An Aussie favourite reinvented! (I near forgot about the Iced VoVo Biscuits!

Arnott's biscuits make this custard and passion fruit slice super easy!

Passionfruit custard slice

Passion fruit Custard Slice Arnotts biscuits make this custard and passion fruit slice super easy!

Australia Day sausage rolls

Recipe - Australia Day Sausage Rolls - The Beast

Australia Day Jelly

Australia Day Jelly ~ will say they're jelly vodka shots just to see who acts wasted :p ~

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Seven poor little un-iced white chocolate mud cupcakes sitting in a container feeling unpretty. Turn them in to koalas of course! The directions are in the current issue of New Idea mag.

Australia Day Koala Truffle Pops

Too flipping cute!