A great visual reminder of the differences between cloth nappies and disposables.  Pop over to my shop www.facebook.com/smallchangemcn if you are interested in using modern cloth nappies!

I'm not extremely worried about the earth's tree supply, but this article was very thought provoking and helpful for anyone debating cloth vs.

Foods that will regrow from kitchen scraps

16 foods that will regrow from kitchen scraps -- I tried regrowing scallions and celery. It works but the plants were puny when they grew back. I know that garlic can be regrown, just start off with good quality.

"Should I Buy More Cloth Diapers?" -- Cloth Diaper Buying Flow Chart from The Cloth Diaper Report

Cloth Diaper Humor - Funny - Cloth Diaper Decision Chart - Do I Have Enough Cloth Diapers?