Trés chic sightseeing, singing and fashion! Alice-Miranda and her friends are in Paris with a group of teachers from Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale and the Fayle School for Boys. The students have a very exciting opportunity: to sing at Paris Fashion We

Alice-Miranda has a birthday to celebrate and a village show to look forward to! Miss Grimm is allowing the girls to attend the annual Winchesterfield show for the first time. One of the highlights of the Winchesterfield show is the Queen's Cup horserace.

Meet Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones, possibly the bravest, most positive seven and one quarter year old you’re ever likely to encounter! A series of books by Jacqueline Harvey, author of the Clementine Rose series.

Alice-Miranda shines bright by Jacqueline Harvey. Mysteries abound at home, and Alice-Miranda is on the case.

Alice-Miranda at Camp by Jacqueline Harvey. Alice-Miranda finds out that her school's camp is full of secrets and surprises.

Jacqueline Harvey is the author of two popular series, featuring Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose and has another on the way.

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here Is the Fiction for Younger Readers section for YABBA 2015 A lice Miranda in Japan – Jacqueline Harvey Alice-Miranda just loves T.

Jacqueline Harvey: Author Interview

Meet Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose, the creations of Jacqueline Harvey, award-winning Australian author.

A Valentine's Surprise by Helen Perelman (English) Paperback Book