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the word moobs written in white on a purple background
Moody's on Behance
an image of some green plants with yellow letters on the front and back side of it
the logo for rosie parson's photography, which is featured in an article about
Kaye does logos - Logo & Brand Identity
the golden hour logo on a pink background
Golden hour logo design
Golden hour, logo design, feminine, bright, playful, fun, modern, retro typography, sunshine, sunset, branding #brightenmade
the glow jo logo on a pink background
Vibrant Logo Design
Creative and bold logo design for The GlowJo - podcast and online space for creatives and entrepreneurs. This logo is part of the brand design project done by Chloe Leonard Studio. In line with a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic this brand identity project features logos, brand marks, color palette, brand patters and typography suite. Click on the link above to discover more client projects.
the words rock and wolf are painted in orange, yellow and pink on a beige background
Typography Logo Design
the words snug designs are written in pink and orange colors on a beige background
Gatto | Branding & Website Design
the table campaign logo is shown in red and pink, as well as an image of a
Brighten Made
The Babe Campaign branding design, logo design, brand identity, graphic, fun, girl boss, pink and red, bold, energy, layered, clean, modern, babes unite, females, feminine, entrepreneur, health group, community, shine on sister
the nest logo on an orange and pink background
Bespoke Pattern & Branding for The Nest | Mindfully Made
Exciting pattern work paired with illustrations for this super playful, colourful brand. #wellnessbranding #thefutureisfreelance #graphicdesignerforhire #mindfullymade #femalefounded #environmentallyconscious #websitedesigner #creativecommunity #branddesign #designinspiration #businesstool #minimalbranding #womenownedsmallbusiness #graphicdesigners #studiolife #holistichealing #designertips #moodboard #typography #logo
Good Design Takes Time | Inspiration + Motivation Positive Quote
the content creator logo is shown in multicolored letters on a white background,
The Content Creator | Begin Studio
the words mouldy biscuits are written in brown on a beige background
Branding - Secondary logo and plain logo for Mouldy Bisquits
the wild honey paperie logo is black and white with stars on it's side
Logo Design Services - Design Your Own Logo | Fiverr
the word sunday written in white on a beige background
simple, warm logo design
the word mozik is written in white on a black background
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