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Star Anais Its simple but striking geometry is reminiscient of Japanese or islamic motifs but simplified to style

Green wall transforms office block in Sydney, by Greenwall Australia

Greenwall Australia was called upon to turn a drab looking office block entrance into a lively space of colour and greenery. Located in Neutral Bay, Sydney, the transformation of the office

Jardines verticales

Why not create billboards with planted vertical gardens? Convey a message with your vertical garden artwork?

resort green walls:

Spa Center Design in Vietnam Adorned With Beautiful Hanging Gardens

I love how Nature coexists with Architecture: light, shadows, water and green make up a wonderful composition. 💚 / Naman Spa design by MIA Design Studio __________ Location: Da Nang, Photo by Oki Hiroyuki

Modern herb garden, can I do a hanging herb garden behind the citrus along the walkway entry?

This American Home: Idea: Upright Succulent Garden in a champagne riddling rack. Ive seen these for sale but so far too expensive for my taste. - Our Secret Garden

Vietnam spa by MIA Design Studio features latticed walls and hanging gardens

Ho Chi Minh City–based firm MIA Design Studio has draped plants over the Naman Pure Spa creating a lush oasis inside the five-star Naman Retreat Resort located in the coastal city of Da Nang.

DIY Thursday: 10 Vertical Gardens for Your Home. Kratten met kippengaas en gaten voor planten.

Here is yet another interesting post about living walls (aka green walls, vertical gardens) from Lushe in Australia. They take the time to go behind the scenes and show us how it& done. In this post their series of photos.