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cute winter coat

mayorofmoonlily: “ Another winter coat, this time the coat is open showing a dress and scarf (^∇^) I couldn’t decide between the two brown colours so I made two versions.

i-wanna-hug-l: i also made this and i think it’s... - Animal Crossing New Leaf

my name is claudia and you can find qr codes for animal crossing here! I also post non qr code related stuff so if you're only here for the qr codes please just blacklist my personal tag.

Cute QR Codes

my name is Sarah. I play way too much animal crossing. I literally live in a virtual world, that is happened to be named Mooska. Dream code: (will be up soon!) I make QR codes.

Great scary themed towns!

Found when I have time they all sound so interesting/Dream codes/Animal crossing ^^^^^ Making my own horror town whilst waiting for a new Animal Crossing game to come out