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the cover of mood board's color combinations is shown in different colors and shapes
Color Inspiration | Refill Co Planners
Soft and calming color combination inspo to personalize your digital notes and plans in Goodnotes this winter. Mixture of muted pinks, greens, blues and oranges.
the color scheme for estate sale vintage
Estate Sale Vintage Color Palette
a poster with different types of food and decorations on the front, in various colors
John Coulter - Lilla Rogers
By John Coulter
a yellow scarf with houses and trees on the front, along with a bicycle in the background
colour inspiration...
an illustration of people in a pink and yellow room with checkered flooring, stairs, potted plants, and paintings on the walls
Lauren Humphrey
an advertisement for vittelloose with people on the balcony and in the window
an open book with different colors on the pages and numbers in each section, including paint swatches
Vintage Decorating - 1950's Paint Color Chip Brochures
six different colors of paint on a white background, each with an oval shape in the center
How to Design a Mid-century Modern Look in Your Interior
the color scheme for an art nouveau painting
an orange, brown and green striped background
retro color palette 50s Shower Curtain by YellowParty
the color scheme for shrimp tail
Lovers Color Palette
an orange, yellow and blue striped wallpaper with horizontal stripes in different colors on it
Fun Retro Color Palette
the color palette is peach, blue and green with some red leaves on it's branches
an image of a woman with goggles on her head and in front of a poster that says retro
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the history of color swatches
A Century of Color - Retro Swatches
the color palette is very different from other colors
20+ Best Vintage Color Palettes » Blog
a drawing of a cat wearing a pink tutu with the words playful palette on it
Playful palette: girly colour palette - Lisa Glanz
a card with a cartoon mouse holding a leaf in its hand and the words happy fall written on it
Playful palette: adventure awaits! - Lisa Glanz
Playful palette: adventure awaits! - Lisa Glanz
three different patterns with flowers and vases on the same background, one in blue and pink
free surface pattern design software - Google Search
an image of a bear with feathers on it's head and colors in the background