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children playing in the grass with flowers and butterflies around them, while another child looks on
How Gyo Fujikawa Drew Freedom in Children’s Books
Sarah Larson writes about the illustrator Gyo Fujikawa, whose children’s books celebrated the beauty and power of the natural world and the earthly pleasures of the people walking around in it.
an old russian poster with a bear holding a ball and skis in his hands
© V.Zarubin 1969
four different pictures of people and animals in various colors
an old children's book with the title dear - shaped hill
Pear-Shaped Hill - Bernice Myers
an image of flowers and houses in the background
vintage children´s book 1977
a drawing of a woman feeding birds with stars in the background
Michael Bird-Boy
Tomie dePaola, Michael Bird-Boy
a painting of people riding on horses and donkeys in front of an orange background
Mary Blair
a drawing of a house with animals in the yard
Illustration: Mary Blair's Baby's House - - Serving the Online Animation Community
a poster with an angel holding flowers and butterflies
Mad Men & Crazy Critters - Happy Days
hervé morvan
an old children's book cover with the words 50 songs for children on it
50 Songs for Children cover