raw pumpkin seeds can be used as a natural wormer in chickens.

Pumpkin seeds are a natural de-wormer for chickens and I had one small pumpkin still rolling around the yard from last fall. I cut it open and ground up the guts and seeds in the food processor and fed to the chickens.


Wheeldon Trees Farm, Derbyshire, England - when our kids are gone. we will feed chickens and talk of old times and live together in a house like this. (Dream Home)

Wonderful farmhouse chickens walking down a highly questionable ramp from their coop. Step down carefully, girls!

Provence ..

Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France My 2 favorite things. Interesting doors and chickens!

Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs: When it is cold, tips for caring for your chickens


Designing Your Homestead Vision

I imagine the rooster saying, "Wake UP you lazy Girl!" I love this because I work in the country and every morning I arrive at work, there is, indeed, a rooster crowing in a Leescreek chicken yard.