Matchstick Banksia, an endangered plant from Western Australia.

Close-up of Inflorescence of Matchstick Banksia: Banksia cuneata [Family: Proteaceae] - an endangered plant from Western Australia. The matchstick-like appearance of individual flowers in the late-bud-stage gives rise to the common name.

Native Everlasting Daisy  Rhodanthe chlorocephala

Native Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala) Grows naturally in the south of Western Australia extending into South Australia.


Craspedia globosa (Drumstick Flower) Seed Savers Exchange has them, and they're beautiful out in the garden.

Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent - along house side driveway

Senecio Mandraliscae Blue Chalk SticksBlue chalk sticks is an attractive easy care succulent with chalky blue-green finger shaped leaves. This plant works well in borders, containers and rock gardens. Can also be used as a house plant.

Large chalky white gumnuts of the gungurru (Eucalyptus caesia 'Silver Princess')

Gum-nuts Seed pods from Australian Silver Princess eucalyptus, King's Park Chris Ring

Grevillea lavandulacea (Lavender Grevillea)

Grevillea lavandulacea (Lavender Grevillea) 'Tanuda' - tall 6 ft wide silvery growth shrub blooms winter with occasional summer repeat

Evening Glow - mediterranean - landscape - san luis obispo - Gardens by Gabriel

Incredibly beautiful, Leucospermum 'Scarlet Ribbon' (Pincushion) is a compact, rounded, evergreen shrub with large, salmon pink flower clusters resembling pincushions and purplish-red stripings resembling bright red ribbons. Born at the end of each br

Perth Botanical gardens @sepal and twig blog. Love the black kangaroo paws contrasting against the white backdrop, magic!

I think us here in Perth are incredibly lucky to have one of the worlds best botanic gardens - Kings Park .

Eucalyptus caesia 'Gungunnu Gungurru'  #ellenbytreefarm #trees #perth #eucalyptus

Eucalyptus caesia 'Gungunnu Gungurru' #ellenbytreefarm #trees #perth #eucalyptus