Cranberry Rosemary 'White Christmas' Sangria.

Cranberry & Rosemary White Christmas Sangria

Cranberry & Rosemary 'White Christmas' Sangria -- Looks festive -- Think I will try it but always embellish or change recipes! Where is a red wine Christmas Sangria?

watermelon punch bowl

Watermelon Bowl for Punch/Drinks/Cocktails or any Beverage. An easy & creative way of serving drinks at your next party! BEST PART: Bowl is DISPOSABLE for easy clean-up later on! Could maybe make some homemade sorbet & put it in this bowl.

Australia Day Spinach Damper Dip, Australia Day Party

Obviously this isn't wildlife but it's still Australia so that's good enough to add in our Party Foods. What a great idea to add dips in!

Make your own colored sugars (glass rimming, etc..)

Colored Sprinkling ‘Sugar’ recipe~ Become your own colorist and experiment to make fabulous custom/designer shades for all your baking needs

Australia Day fruit flag

Kidspot Daily - 25 January 2013

Australia Day mini pavlovas #AustraliaDay

Australia Day mini pavlovas

A clever take on a true blue Aussie dessert! Pavlova on Christmas Day to us is like a Pudding to everyone else!

Pear Juice Champagne Cocktail ~ using frozen fruit

Champagne bottle champagne, 2 c pear (or peach) juice, 2 c frozen peaches, 1 pint each fresh blackberries, blueberries & raspberries.

Themed jelly cups!

Theres no better way to celebrate our country, than with a gum-tree green and wattle gold dessert.