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Learn how to create invoice templates and use all the features Invoice Home as to offer for your billing needs.
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Download invoices for your monthly subscription charges
It's Tax Season! Are you looking to download an invoice for your Invoice Home subscription fees? You can download invoices for monthly charges by going to the drop down menu in the upper right corner and selecting "Settings". Then click on the "My Plan" tab and select "Show invoice" to download any invoices you may need. #smallbusiness #finance #invoicing #invoice #Freelancer #howtostartabusiness #entrepreneur
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Send Invoices and Get Paid! 💵
Create an invoice through Invoice Home and connect through one of the Payment Gateways we offer such as PayPal, Stripe, or Making it easy to send invoices to your customers and receive direct payments. Try it today! Check out our blog and learn more about how you can get started! #smallbusiness #finance #invoicing #invoice #Freelancer #howtostartabusiness #entrepreneur
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How to Create a Statement of your Invoices | Finance Tips
Keeping your invoices and billing documents organized is a key element to keeping your business organized. It is important to be able to group documents together from the last month, last quarter, or last year all together in a statement. Find out how here.
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Invoice Home FAQ | How to change your password
Did you know cybersecurity experts recommend changing your passwords around every 3 months? Password safety is important when you're doing online billing. Keep your account safe by making sure your password isn't easily guessed and is changed regularly!
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Send Invoices Automatically | How to Send a Recurring Invoice
Tired of sending invoices over and over again? If you bill clients for the same services every week, month, or year-then set up a recurring invoice. Once you create it and determine the frequency, we'll send it off automatically each week, month, quarter, or year! Click here for more information:
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How to track who has paid your invoices
72% of freelancers report their clients have left invoices gone unpaid. If you are worried this may happen to you, ask for a deposit for your service. When a client pays, you can have this reflect on your invoice with partial payments. Go our website for more information on how to create partial payments.
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How to get a customer to pay your invoice
6 steps you can take to get paid
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How to deal with difficult customers
4 ways to deal with difficult customers
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How to send an invoice
A simple guide to help you create and send an invoice
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Taxes to Invoices
You may occasionally face the need to add taxable items and non-taxable items on one invoice. As an example, let’s use spare parts (taxable) and labor (non-taxable). With Invoice Home this is very easy to do. #finance #invoicedesign #taxes #financialplanning #receipttemplate #invoices
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How to: Invoice Customers Faster
Gone are the days of sending invoices via snail mail—invoice clients quickly (& get paid quickly!) via our simple email feature! #invoice #freelancer #smallbusiness #invoicing #email
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How to Add a Logo to Invoices
Adding a logo to your invoices is a great way to personalize and customize your billing. Show off your brand my choosing from Invoice Home's logo gallery or upload your own! Find more information at #work #branding #brandrecognition #customize #personalize #invoicing #finance #logo #bossbabes #
the steps to create an invoice info sheet for your business or home office
How to Create an Invoice in 4 Easy Steps
Need to invoice a client? Effortlessly create flawless looking invoices in 4 steps. Choose from over 100 beautifully designed templates created by branding experts. Create and email in seconds! #finance #billing #bossbabes #freelance #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #work #invoicing
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Invoice in 30 Seconds
Ready to invoice a client? Watch this video & learn how to invoice like a pro in just 30 seconds with Invoice Home. Effortless invoicing, so you can get back to doing the things you love. #freelancer #smallbusiness #invoice #client #girlboss #work #werk
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How To: Bookmark Customers, Unpaid... Here's how! |
Keep all your important data in 1 place using Bookmarks :) #invoice #template #freetemplate