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an invoice sheet with the words, what is a quote? and five different ways
What is a Quote?
Providing a service and need to share your pricing with potential clients? Quotes are the document style for you! 📃💰Here is a detailed breakdown of a quote. If you’d like to learn more, check out our blog: #invoicing #quotes #documents
the invoicing tip includes payment types accepted on your invoice
Invoicing Tip: Include Payment Types Accepted on your Invoice
Save time for you and your client by including how you would like to be paid on your invoice. If you accept/prefer payments online, simply state that in your Terms and Conditions before sending the invoice.
the invoicing tip is shown above an image of a piece of paper that says save time by covering your estate into an invoice
Invoicing Tip: Convert your Estimate into an Invoice
Once you enter your client's information and the fee for your product and service once, don't repeat the same process again. Instead, convert your estimate into an invoice. Find out how here!
the invoicing tip for creating custom items and conditions
Invoicing Tip | Create Custom Terms & Conditions
Sometimes a standard terms and conditions at the bottom of your invoice is fine- but, consider changing it based on client and project! This allows you to ask for payment sooner or detail how interest works if an invoice has an outstanding balance by the due date.
Invoicing Tip on notebook paper, copy existing invoices: instead of creating an invoice for an existing customer, copy a previous invoice it and edit it On Time, To Create
Invoicing Tip: Copy Existing Invoices | Save on Time
If you consistently have similar invoices, invoicing your clients can be very repetitive! Save on time by copy previous invoices and editing information to reflect the new purchase 💲⏰
the invoicing tip request is shown on top of a pink background with white writing
Invoicing Tip: Request a Deposit from First Time Clients
72% of freelancers report they have clients who never paid an invoice. Avoid this by requesting a deposit from first time buyers! When a client sends you a deposit, reflect this on your invoice with partial payments.
Invoicing tip- set up a recurring invoice over blue background with lime green accents above click here Mindfulness, Don't Forget
Invoicing Tip: Set up a Recurring Invoice
You have a lot on your mind! Remember one less thing by setting up a recurring invoice. Don't forget to bill your regular clients. Click to access a how-to guide for creating a reoccuring inivoice.