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I love having clay pots in my garden, but they can get dull and dirty rather quickly. However, an easy way to deal with this is by washing them in vinegar. It breaks down any dirt and other build-ups while restoring their nice color! Help repel animals and other pests from... #garden #ideas #save

I do the apple cider vinegar fruit trap, but never broke the tension of the vinegar with a couple drops of dish soap. Hmm maybe I'll collet more with this method. Make a super easy and effective trap to rid your kitchen of pesky fruit flies.

Basselinia gracilis (Dwarf)

Basselinia gracilis (Dwarf) A tiny form of B. gracilis from high altitude (to 1600 m / 5300 ft.) in the north of New Caledonia with small, sparsely divided, very leathery leaves and blackish to reddish crownshafts.

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Tropical Landscape Bed -  This lush bed contains only 4 plants. The contrast in heights & color give it a well-balanced look. All of the plants will work for zone 9 (except palm-see below for alternatives), but a very cold night or frost may cause some to have foliage damage or die back to the ground-returning in Spring. Christmas Palm Tree [Queen, Foxtail, and King best suited for zone 9]. Elephant Ear (Colocasia). Hawaiian Ti Plants (Cordyline Terminalis). Philodendron (Xanadu).

Good example of layering - can use these sorts of plants in most of your garden beds. So you've got tall palms at the back, the Elephant ear adds drama, the cordylines (red ones) colour, and the lower philodendron covers the ground.

Stunning eye catcher, the Traveler Palm. Called that because you can find a water reservoir where the frond connect to the trunk. Not landscape hardy in tucson