Fear in MacBeth

'Fear' is something that can be seen in many different shapes and forms in the Macbeth, and I will present some examples in which 'fear' is evident and crucial to the tragedy.
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"But be safely thus: our fears in Banquo Stick deep" Act lll, Scene 1, Line 53-54. This quotation leaves the impression to the reader that MacBeth is still fearing Banquo and his sons that will become the King of Scotland one day. The fear is evident in this quotation and even makes MacBeth to make the decision to send two men to kill his former companion Banquo and his son just to calm his fear and anxiety.

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"MacBeth! MacBeth! MacBeth! Beware MacDuff; beware the thane of Fife"  Act IV, Scene , Line 27  This is a quotation from the tree witches trying to warn him and make him scared and fearful about the future, and especially MacDuff.This quote is very significant to the play because at this time in the play, MacBeth has almost turned insane because of fear and paranoia and he does no longer care about the warning that he should fear the future.

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"His royalty of nature, Reign that which will be feared" Act 3, Scene 2 said by Lady MacBeth. This quotation is very crucial in the understanding of Lady MacBeth's power over MacBeth. She fears that he is too kind to do all the horrible actions that he needs to do in order to become king. At this point, Lady MacBeths fear isn't as strong as it will become later. Now she is fearing that MacBeth wont become king, but later on she will fear people knowing how he became the king.

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"see there! Look" Behold!" Lo!" Act 3, Scene 4. This quotation is taken after MacBeth has sent two men after Banquo to kill him. MacBeth is now seeing a hallucination of Banquo's dead ghost, and this is all because of fear. The ghost represents the fear that MacBeth has towards losing his power to one of Banquo's sons. Fear is slowly eating in on MacBeth and his reality, twisting his vision to the extent that he sees Banquo's ghost.

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"Out, damed spot;" Act 5,Lady MacBeth is at the extent of being so insane that she is seeing the unremovable illusion of blood on her hands. The fear of someone finding out the murders that MacBeth and she has committed is making her see thing that are not there. Fear is also what is going to be the downfall for Lady MacBeth because she can't do anything without feeling a single bit of fear within her. The 'fear' is very significant to the reader because it shows that 'fear' can lead to…

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