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Ishana Rupasinghe

Ishana Rupasinghe
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Rape Culture is Very Real; We Are Not Hysterical

R*pe Culture is Very Real; We Are Not Hysterical

The dress code at my daughter's middle school is ridiculous.

buddhabrot: flozac: the principal at my school made an announcement yesterday that the girls need to start covering up and then i found this in the hallway FUCKING SPRAY PAINT THAT SHIT ON EVERY THING

I don't really care for her, but this is gold

Don't let other people dictate who you are and who you want to be. Don't at them belittle you.<<I'm not a big fan of her music, but she is a very nice person

///backstage at Vivienne Westwood THAT'S HOW THEY DID IT. been searching for a close-up photo FOREVER.

///backstage at Vivienne Westwood - like this technique - idea but with green colour all over face, combined with warrior eyes/brows, or blocked brows

High Fashion Makeup | The Best High Fashion Makeup « Read Less

Portrait: Brittany Hollis by Jeff Tse Photographer: Jeff Tse Model: Brittany Hollis Makeup: Dominique Samuel Production: Emily Bishop - Fashion Photography - Colour

make-up for men.....and body paint

Top models Ryan Taylor and Alexandre Cunha go Animalistic for a Schön magazine shoot by fashion photographer Ben Lamberty.