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xD "Most" of this is great. I liked it better as an AU Crossover thingy than Connie directing something, but whatever

Steven Universe: The Last Gembender by Neodusk on DeviantArt. Ohmigosh this is the best, Steve Universe avatar mashup

ladybrot: Sunday afternoon waiting for the bus. ladybrot: Sunday afternoon waiting for the bus.

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One thing I really like about this is the fact that Amethyst is taking control and being in charge.


still-madridista: “ Steven Universe - Mindful Education (full episode) Here’s today’s new SU episode in HD! I post SU episodes every week.

garnet's my favorite because she's made of a rub and an sapphire and i'm a ruby

Pixel Party Marty — More progress on a Character Select screen for a.

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I love the idea of Garnet holding Steven as a baby, but I REALLY love the idea of Ruby and Sapphire holding him, too.