Weird but cute things

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Japanese Bento Lunch Box I find these really amazing! How much fun and creativity you can get with food. There are so many things you can .

Lisa Frank rainbow paint puppies I used to love the 101 Dalmatians so much that I had sheets and accessories and then LF came out with these cuties and I instantly became obsessed with her work!

Community Post: 23 Reasons Why Lisa Frank Was A Genius

I have no idea what genre Lisa Frank actually falls into. Lisa Frank images aren't so much graphic novels as they are a grade school accessory;

This was always one of my favorite Lisa Frank pictures, and still is! I had a folder with this on it in school and I LOVED it! I still love Lisa Frank to this day as an adult - love how Target sometimes gets her stuff too!

I used to have a lunch bag with the Rainbow Reef. Art by Lisa Frank

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I would have murdered some bitches for anything Lisa Frank back in the day. Lisa Frank from The Most Awesome Things From the