Sure, the laundry room of your dreams might have multiple machines and hundreds of square feet, but if you're like most folks, the laundry room of your current reality is a much humbler affair. (And if you're a New Yorker, you're probably pretty stoked to have a laundry machine at all.) But that doesn't mean your diminutive laundry room can't be both useful and beautiful. If your laundry room is teeny-tiny, or maybe even just a closet or a nook, you'll find plenty to b...

Smart Design Ideas to Steal for Small Laundry Rooms

It was a nail biting Reno Rumble grand final round with two stunning kitchens delivered by Ayden & Jess and Carly & Leighton from Freedom Kitchens.

cool modern laundry room

Top 60 Laundry Ideas and Designs

Taupe laundry l Modern and stylish laundry l Luxury laundry l Wrap up of the laundries, powder rooms and cellars on The Block l The Block Triple Threat

Lavadero con espacio para planchar

Ideas para lavanderías en casa

Laundry room, a place where you do not put some more emphasis on friendly again as it certainly spend some time in this area on weekends. We present laundry rooms that could be ideal for

Inspiraciones diseño, arquitectura y decoración.

Inspiration for the next house which will have a combined laundry and sewing room.

Ático loft sueco con lavandería en el cuarto de baño

Ático loft sueco con lavandería en el cuarto de baño

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