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RAKE Styling Balm

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perfection Oliver Shortall: Ethereal Dreadlocks Oliver: “My inspiration for this look was the avant garde look for the Chelsea cut. I created texture .

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"Fish tail braids" My hair will not be this long by saturday but it should still be long enough to try this! This is the best hair style I've seen yet!

Barefoot Blonde- Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde- Amber Fillerup

Etnical hairstyles

This for me is the ultimate inspo. Several fishtail braids to the point if looking like dreads. (This with gold tribal accent on lip or hoops in hair would be cool.

for Russian Hairdressing Awards 2016 on Behance

work for Russian Hairdressing Awards hair - Chernishev Sergeyphotos - Karen Kananian & Pasha Pavlovretouch - Karen Kananian

The stylist behind this hairdo seems to have influenced himself heavily from some medieval hairstyles while creating this beautiful avant-garde masterpiece.

Trenzas tribales

The more you practice the better you will handle this braid. The good news is though that braids look better if they are not neat and perfect. Zanita looks ice with this hairstyle and I think it is worth the h…


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