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Jung's 12 character archetypes: Plan your characters.

Your success in life is determined by one thing - your character. And that, in turn, is created and shaped in your earliest years. Make sure to instill good/tough character in your kids early on, otherwise they'll fail the most trivial tasks.

Baby Owl with Rounded Head and Big Eyes vinyl decal sticker

Baby Owl with Rounded Head and Big Eyes vinyl decal sticker Baby owl with a rounded head and big eyes, this cute owl has a cartoon like look.

witch, witchcraft, ward

Real Witchcraft The meaning and use of wards. There's so much more to this than simply casting a spell. That's what you do at the very END of all your preparation!

Just had a super good idea for a horror story. So one of the soulmates gets kidnapped but the other one doesn't know because messages continue to appear on their skin, and slowly the messages become more and more creepy, compulsive, and obsessive. This is such an amazing idea!

I wish this was real.My soul mate would always have stuff on their arms and hands.<<<< My friends would draw dicks on my arms so my soulmate would be haunted by mystery dicks

This has Friends written all over it.

Anyone else think of catch perfect by George DeValier with the Nordics?>>>> the Avengers fit terribly well