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Canadian coffee shop launches world's first ATM for Bitcoin

When the inventors were working on the first Bitcoin ATM machine, they had the nagging question - would anyone use it? 348 transactions in the first 8 days gave them their answer.

First Bitcoin ATM In Houston Goes Live

First Bitcoin ATM In Houston Goes Live

It seems that those who happen to live in the city of Houston, Texas, will now be able to check out the city’s very first Bitcoin ATM in the flesh.

New Bitcoin ATM Open at Westfield Mall |  http://www.tonewsto.com/2015/02/new-bitcoin-atm-open-at-westfield-mall.html

New bitcoin ATM open for business in Washington mall

Bitcoin ATM Ukraine

We Visited Those New Bitcoin ATMs in the Ukraine and Here’s What We Found - CryptoCoinsNews

#Bitcoins - #bitcoin #imwd www.InterMediaWebDevelopment.com InterMedia Web Development

World's First Bitcoin ATM Set to Go Live Tuesday

Three high school buddies from a tiny Canadian town say that they will flip the switch on the world's first bitcoin ATM next week. It will operate near the entrance of a downtown Vancouver coffee house.

Bitcoin’s Price Is Ready For a Turn to Growth  http://csyd.es/BitClubSignup

There will now either be a turnaround or a continuation of the downward trend of the BTC price. This indicates the Bitcoin buyers’ advantage on the market.

The Monthly Fees Are Killers

Lessons I've Learned by Making My Dumb Home Smart

The European Union's top court says the Bitcoin virtual currency that is used online and over the Internet should be exempt from sales taxes within the 28-country bloc.

More Cdn businesses accepting Bitcoin digital currency, despite reservations - Business News

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