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Jagodzianki: Polish Sweet Buns with Blueberries (1) From: Alexandra's Recipes, please visit

Aleksandra's Recipes: Jagodzianki: Polish Sweet Buns with Blueberries Jagodzianki* are traditional Polish sweet buns. Usually they are baked during Summer. You can buy them in every cake shop/bakery in Poland. *"Jagoda" means blueberry in Polish :)

Breast cancer tattoo♥ This is exactly what and where I'd like to have it. (For my mom-mom and friends that have had it.)

Cancer tattoo, but in grey for brain cancer for grandma and smaller on my inner arm

i like the solid pink with no outline but would get lavender instead

Possible new tattoo. Will be in lavender (general cancer colour) for friends and family who have lost the battle or are still fighting. Have a really good friend fighting right now and my grandfather passed away from cancer.