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Izzy Santangelo

Izzy Santangelo
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Tyler Posey is adorkable! :3

When I was a young girl Dylan from 90210 was considered sexy, and then later on someone from Dawson's Creek (not sure who, probably the gay one), but teenage girls these days have Tyler Posey.you don't even understand how jealous I am.

scott mccall, teen wolf

jugheadjones: “ HQ Scan of Solo Scott Promotional Photo in 2014 Calender [Do not credit as your own.

Lol Scott. Teen Wolf

Lol Scott getting his tattoo. "Boy, good thing you drew me a picture" Teen Wolf Scott looks so proud of himself

Teen Wolf - Scott McCall

Can't go back to the time that Allison Erica Boyd and aiden were alive and Cora Jackson Isaac Danny and Ethan were here. IM SO SAD.