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Flower Accent by Mimi Alelis, copyright 2011 Attach this flower accent onto a button on your clothes or accessories. The center hole is oval-shaped
Rose Crochet Pattern Coiled Rose Crochet Pattern Pink Milk Bloglovin

Flower Patterns

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several pieces of fabric laid out on top of each other with different patterns and colors
Nifty strip-piecing trick
a koala bear with the letter f on it's chest and head, in black ink
How to calculate credit card interest rate FAST?
a black swan with a heart in its beak
Swan With Heart Symbol Fidelity icons for free download | Freepik
two birds in the shape of a heart on a blue background, with one bird facing each other
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an image of a colorful star quilt pattern
Hidden Star Quilt Tutorial
the free quilt block pattern is shown with text that reads, free quilt block patterns
Slip Knot - Free Quilt Block Pattern
an image of two cats with the caption'os opostos se distraem o disposto se ata
new 077
two black and white cats are standing next to each other on a piece of cloth
Russia, the Olympics, and Quilts
a gray and blue quilt with squares on it's sides, in the center
Shop | Category: Patterns - Download for FREE | Product: Mint Condition Bars Downloadable Quilt Pattern
an image of a colorful diamond quilt pattern
Jean's Diamonds Quilt Pattern