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So today I played Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. I have to say it is one of the most unique games I've ever played and honestly I am insanely impressed by it. Here's a quick review by TotalBiscuit regarding it. I highly recommend it. (Requires a 360 controller on PC)

Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons chega ao Android e iOS - EExpoNews

Bethesda have booked their first ever E3 conference. This means one of three things: They will announce Fallout: 4, Elder Scrolls: VI or a new IP entirely.  All of these options excite me greatly.

Veteran publisher Bethesda Softworks have announced they will hold their first-ever press conference this year.

If you aren't a huge fan of the "Souls" series, I recommend getting into Dark Souls before this game, (Bloodborne,) comes out. The Souls series is a masterpiece and simply put, a work of art. From Software have an amazing track record, I would be surprised if Bloodborne wasn't just as excellent.

We visit From Software in Tokyo to see how Bloodborne devs iterated on the framework established by Demon's and Dark Souls.

Elder Scrolls: VI release date has allegedly (the key word being allegedly,) been leaked. So many cool pieces of lore happened in Black Marsh so this excites me greatly! If true, I wonder what time era it will be set in?

Elder Scrolls Argonia Confirmed By Bethesda As Release Date Set On March 2016 For Xbox One And PC! -I just realized that I named one of my Skyrim characters Argonia before I even knew about this haha