Tasmanian Blue Gum Botanische illustratie ~ Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 130-0

Tasmanian Blue Gum Botanical Illustration is the sixth of 8 paintings featured in the Nature Watch section of Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 130

Vintage Poster Love - Blue Mountains by James Northfield - http://www.australianvintageposters.com.au/shop/blue-mountains-by-james-northfield/

The Blue Mountains, Northfield captures the majestic blue hazed mountains and the towering Eucalypts of this awe-inspiring World Heritage listed site. Commissioned by the Australian National Travel Association.

Margaret Preston   Woodblock  'A Sydney Bay'

A Sydney Bay, Margaret Preston, handcoloured woodblock print, 25 x private collection.

Early illustration of Australian flora and fauna.

Eastern gray kangaroo, Macropus giganteus and grass tree, Xanthorrhoea sp. George Raper faced the same difficulties as other First Fleet artists in capturing accurate depictions of fauna unfamiliar to them.

Aboriginal Artwork by Tammy Matthews Sold through Coolabah Art on eBay

Aboriginal Artwork by Tammy Matthews

An illustration of "Banksia", from Captain Cook's first voyage...typical of the elaborate botanical drawings whose execution Joseph Banks oversaw.

Banksia serrata Saw Banksia artist: Sydney Parkinson - From: original illustration held in the Natural History Museum.

Albert Namatjira Kwariitnama (Organ Pipes) c.1945-53 watercolour over pencil on paper Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation

Albert Namatjira, Kwariitnama, Watercolour Over Pencil on Paper - Albert Namatjira, born Elea Namatjira, was a Western Aranda-speaking Aboriginal artist from the western MacDonnell Ranges in Australia.