Healthy Dinner Recipes: Quick Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Bake. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

Check out our healthy chicken recipes collection, which includes classic & modern dishes that are all delicious & easy to prepare.

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Butternut Pumpkin Soup. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

This may be the best pumpkin soup you've ever tasted! The secret is roasting the pumpkin beforehand, which gives the soup a much richer flavor.

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Spaghetti Bolognese. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

Everyone has a spaghetti bolognese recipe but this is our favourite. As with all spag bol recipes, this one tastes amazing the next day after all the flavours have infused.

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Sweet Potato Penne Pasta. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

Pasta is yummy & healthy when combined with sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, capsicum & basil, as it has been in this recipe.

Chicken pesto

Basil pesto chicken

Basil pesto chicken - dried fettuccine 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 single chicken breast fillets, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons basil pesto 1 cup cream shaved parmesan, to serve basil leaves, to serve

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Chicken Risotto. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Chicken Risotto. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

We use low fat natural yoghurt in the dressing of this dish, but you can use Greek yoghurt for an extra creamy dressing. Put this salad in pita bread to make a Caesar salad wrap.

Healthy Dinner Recipes: Cartwheel of Chicken. #HealthyRecipes #DietRecipes #WeightlossRecipes

This recipe features twice-cooked chicken stuffed with cottage cheese infused with pesto, basil and spinach leaves to make delicious chicken cartwheels