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Jade Danica

Jade Danica
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Me when I dont know the answer to a question but god comes and someone asks about the question I didn't know

Memes are becoming life of social media. They have power to deliver the message with their strong content. Memes can be used to irritate your friends. While creating your meme, stay clear about your audience

Live vegan

In the early days when I'd get cravings for "food" that I'd been used to growing up, I'd remind myself WHY i was Because no one should have to suffer or DIE for my tastebuds

Be informed. If you can handle watching how it's made then go ahead and do it! But if just hearing about it makes you uncomfortable then you are ignorant.

Yes, th animal INDUSTRY is shocking. Th only ones this, are customers. Do not support torture. Support yourself, your conscience. Go vegan/vegetarian