Jade Murray

Jade Murray

Jade Murray
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Bed Tent :)

"Bed Privacy Tent Perfect for when you have that creepy dorm mate that likes to watch you and your bf/gf do the deed. No one should be doing the deed with their roommate in the room.

The sonic bed is a king-size bed with 12-channel surround sound. It may look like a wooden tank from the outside, but inside its got enough speakers to dwarf any home theater set up. Created by Kaffe Matthews as a museum exhibit (no plans for retail as of yet), the bed requires 220 volts of electricity and covers every inch of your body in sound.

Sonic Bed - allows you to sink into your bed and fall into a trance like state listening to music or low base frequencies that flow trough your body. Someone actually thought "wow this bed could be a little more sonic"

Cannot be trusted with cool bed. Will sing "A Whole New World" constantly

floating-bed - could do this for a boy to. Cool and fun idea. Gives more play room on the floor and also doesn't create clutter under the bed. Wonder if this would keep my kid from shoving everything under the bed when told to clean his room?