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Jaimee Farrant
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Aya Sophia Mosaic Jesus Christ. Deep beauty... Want to see this face everyday....

AΓΙΑ ΣΟΦΙΑ: Christ Pantokrator: detail from the 'Deesis' mosaic in the South Gallery, dating from the late thirteenth century.

Mosaic Portrait of a Woman, Pompeii, Museo di Capodimonte.

Incredibly detailed Roman portrait mosaic in the Museo di Capodimonte from the city of Pompeii. Found in the cubiculum of a house, this unique floor mosaic portrays a young woman of a rich family -.Pompeii was engulfed in volcanic lava

Artist Scott Gunderson creates amazing, lifelike portraits out of recycled wine corks. This is titled "Grace” with over 9000 corks,all stained naturally by wine, no paint.

A Good Reason to Drink Wine! People use wine corks to make many things, but I never imaged making a mural out of them. Artist, Scott Gundersen, uses up to corks for just one project. He probably has everyone he knows collecting these corks!