What a cutie! I can't wait for my very own great dane!

Hunter (Harlequin Great Dane) - Hunter strikes a rather fetching pose with his favourite play mate. by Rachael Hale

Great dane and fawn. OMG my heart melted. I cant wait to have a great dane like actually though

Great dane and fawn. Great Danes are such gentle dogs, and fawns are such curious creatures.


"When I was pregnant with my girl, there was a tv ad about a little girl and her real life elephant. Made me cry every time. My girl has loved elephants since she was little. Maybe, since before she was born. :)" <<<that's so cute

Baby Lamb from Cascade Yarn site

Blacknose lamb or Valais Blacknose is an old breed of domesticated sheep found in the Valais region of Switzerland. ITS SO CUTE I want one for

Oh my goodness :3 ==>great

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Super Dog! lilyloulou Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Super Dog! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Super Dog!

I need to get this for dayzey


Get your pet involved with Halloween with this pet raptor costume! Our dog Halloween costumes also make funny cat costumes. A funny animal costume accessory.


Baby Dimitri, an Amur Leopard "Peek a Boo!" I want to cuddle this baby right now. Why can't people have adorable animals for babies instead of the ugly bald ones?

So serious

Black and white portrait of a greyhound/dog in window light Stretched Canvas by Elke Vogelsang


Monkey Baby Boom Hits Scottish Zoo - A baby snow monkey recently born at Highland Wildlife Park.