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Learn to Draw a Wombat, a Crocodile, a Kangaroo, a Koala, a Kookaburra, a Platypus, a Shark, an Echidna and an Emu.

Learn to Draw Aussie Animals

We've got a fun collection of learn to draw tutorials here, featuring all the best-known Australian animals and birds - and a sea creature or two as well!

How to draw australian animals

Learn to Draw a Platypus

Have you always wished you could draw a platypus? Now you can! Just follow along with our printable tutorial, step by step...

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw a Kangaroo

Draw a Kangaroo (Art Projects for Kids)

Kangaroos are pretty adorable creatures, they just need to be simplified for young artists. Here is how I had my students draw one in my watercolor class this week. My PDF tutorial shown may be downlo

X-ray Art Coloring Pages

Find Inspiration in X-ray Art Coloring Pages X-ray Art Coloring Pages were inspired by artwork created by the indigenous people of Australia. Commonly known as Aborigines, they have different names…

Vintage Bark Painting in Aboriginal X-ray Style Depicting Kangaroo and a Hunter, Art, Australian

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Vintage Bark Painting in Aboriginal X-ray Style Depicting Kangaroo and a Hunter, Art, Australian



Aboriginal Art Prints

Aboriginal Art Prints

These aboriginal art prints are produced from original paintings by Leslie Nawirridj in the traditional style of the Kunwinjku people of the Northern Territory of Australia.

X-Ray Style Aboriginal Art (Bark Paintings), Yolngu.


X-Ray Style Aboriginal Art (Bark Paintings), Yolngu.

aboriginal xray art

Aboriginal X-Ray Three-Step Reduction Prints

The "X-ray" tradition in in Aboriginal art is thought to have developed around 2000 B.C. and continues to the present day. As its name implies, the X-ray style depicts animals or human figures in which the internal organs and bone structures are clearly visible. X-ray art includes sacred images of ancestral supernatural beings as well as secular works depicting fish and animals that were important food sources. Through the creation of X-ray art, Aboriginal painters express their ongoing…