Mixed Materials Modern Look

Mixed Cladding is used to add design diversity. Mixed materials and layering is a popular interior design technique. There's freedom in being able to mix…
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a modern house is lit up at night
Clean lines and simplicity create the modern look in Melbourne
“We’ve used so many James Hardie products throughout the home that it’s basically a James Hardie House. I wanted to use a product that could be easily maintained, allowing me to enjoy family time on the weekend instead of continually patching up parts of the house down the track.” 🏡 “We wanted something new and contemporary,” said Michael. “We loved the clean lines and simplicity that cladding creates. We’ve had neighbours commenting on how good it looks.”
the entrance to a modern home with wood slats
Move-In-Ready Martis Camp Home For Sale 4 Beds 4.5 Baths
Sold Home 255 - Martis Camp
a modern house with large windows and wooden doors
old house interior for sale
Decoração Casas Modernas Porta de madeira comum e janelas de vidro fixas revistavd 201776
a modern house with stairs leading up to it
Примеры современного дизайна интерьера
Exterior, Facade House, Modern Architecture House, Modern Exterior House Designs
Colour Combination for House Exterior Painting: 8 Ideas You'll Love!
an outdoor area with plants and trees in front of a modern house on the street
Landscape Design Leichhardt — Adam Robinson Design
Leichhardt landscape design project. Photography Natalie Hunfalvay. Architect CDArchitects #LandscapingDesign
a white house with a tree in front of it
Bienvenido a Besana Studio | Fachadas casas minimalistas, Casas residenciales, Casas modernas arquitectura
Welcome to Besana Studio
a house with wooden walls and plants in the hallway
Baldridge Architects | Paramount Residence
Paramount Residence | baldridgeARCHITECTS
an artist's rendering of a modern house with glass walls and large patio area
The First Ruum Collection by Chamberlain Architects featuring Fisher & Paykel - The Local Project
The First Ruum Collection Chamberlain Architects & Ruum Melbourne Vic Australia Image 03
a black house with wooden shutters and windows
They'll Always Have Paris: Renovation by Moussafir Architectes
They'll Always Have Paris: Renovation by Moussafir Architectes | Excavating 5 feet brought the lower level above-grade, with direct access to the side courtyard. #design #interiordesign #interiordesignmagazine #architecture #yard #exterior
a house with a pool in the middle of it
Killarra (Camberwell) by CS-A - Melbourne, VIC - Project Gallery
An Art-Deco home which has been passed down generations, Killarra was designed to cherish the past, and look forward to the future.
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by brick walls and glass doors that lead to the deck area
Killarra (Camberwell) by CS-A - Melbourne, VIC - Project Gallery
Killarra (Camberwell) by CS-A | Camberwell, VIC, Australia | 12.04.2019
an outdoor area with wooden flooring and glass walls
Killarra (Camberwell) by CS-A - Melbourne, VIC - Project Gallery
Ash timber with black frames, red brick warms it up
an open door leading into a brick house with glass walls and sliding doors on the outside
Photo 38 of 38 in 19 of the Best Aussie Mullet Renovations That Turn…
Mullet Homes in Melbourne That Are Modern in the Back - Dwell
a house with stairs leading up to it
Waterview House by Matter Architects | HomeAdore
Waterview House by Matter Architects