Lessons For Kenya From The Rwanda Genocide As We Approach 2017 Elections.

The Kigali Genocide memorial where Counselors from the International professional counseling centers in Thika (IPCC) and some members of t.


For quite a long time, Thika Town had remained an old shack with old structures, some as old as the The town's CBD barely grew t.

N.G.O. Uses Plastic Water Bottles To Illuminate Kiandutu Homes And ‘Light Up’ The Ghetto Kids.

Top Right: Carol (extremely right) and her assistant pose for a pic with Mercy Wangari, one of the beneficiaries of the bottle bulbs.

Carolyne Gaithuma; My Journey Through A Psychiatric Ward To Being A Life Coach.

Carolyne having a reason to smile after her struggle with depression. It is quite normal and is also humanly to feel down from ti.

20 Things Adults Can Learn From Children.

Silas, Milo and more: What's your favorite of these "hottest" baby names of the year so far?

Meet A Man Who Proves That He Who Is Not Valiant Dies, But He That Is Bold Bears Calamity.

Michael Njenga Mwangi from Kambiti in Maragwa Constituency is a perfect example that calamity is surely the test of endurance.

How This Institution Taken Over Thika's Economy?

Thika Town has over the years been establishing an economy of its own that included an element of competition, level of ambition and innov.

It is no longer news that Thika residents have been experiencing occasional water outages that interrupt their day to day running of .

Another Case of Successful Community Involvement In Being Our Brothers' Keepers.

Social media has always been a useful tool to spot those needy cases that have slipped between the cracks of the mainstream media.

This Is What We Offer - Kiambu Huduma Centre Official.

Due to great public demand, Thika Town Today visited The Kiambu Branch of the Huduma Centre located at the Thika West DC’s office just.

Vision Without Sight: The Tale of An Inspiring Blind Young Man.

Adversity faces all of us, but for many people the thought of losing vision, our dominant sense, is a horrifying prospect.

Is Prostitution Taking over as Thika's New Cash Crop?

Sex Worker Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Her Customer Over Price Hike