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James and Sirius of the new generation

She does it again--- Not only that, but Jack Russell terriers are notorious for chasing after otters! (Hermione) << knee about the Hermione thing but damn. A stag and a dog

I don't think James was as oblivious as Harry, though. I bet he was the very opposite, and new Remus and Sirius had feelungs for each other before they even knew it themselves// I think James was much obtuse as Harry

Hp story questions

Creation of the Marauders Map. >>>> It's because the map doesn't rely on vision. It shows people's physical place, which is still possible to find if you are under the cloak. Death could not find people under the cloak because Death was relying on vision.

THAT LAST LINE OMG (and if you don't think this would happen, I refer you to that part in the order of the Phoenix where Harry is in the memory and the Marauders are talking about the question on their O.W.L.s regarding how to identify five signs of a werewolf as they're coming out of the Great Hall)

Now that I'm re-reading Harry Potter saga, I'm thinking that Trelawney (for some reason) couldn't read Harry Potter's future because all she could see was Voldemort instead. She never predicted anything about Potter, it was always Voldemort.

James and Lily part 5 - I wanted this to be the part where they're not dating yet but she jumps up on the table and grabs his tie and kisses him

This is the best thing ever sorry about the language:/

Muggleborns rocking Hogwarts~~~~~~ OMG, I'm crying from laughing so hard! XD This is great! XD << as a proud Ravenclaw I have to admit I'd be singing we will rock you with Gryffindor, although I have nothing against Slytherin


--------No seriously, you don't understand. I am 24 years old. But you tell me when and where and I'll be first in line with my glasses and my wand. --- this is what I've wanted since the first Potter movie!

Umm are you sure??

I just want to point out the fact that the animals they turn into reflect their personality and Peter was a rat.