dwelle eco home - now I just need to find somewhere to put it.

Along with shipping container homes, this compact living house is amazing. And I love the sleeping space. Climbing up to bed is an under-rated joy.

Space Pod

Space Pod - modern granny flat design with a convertible double wall. Ideal for extra room for teenager kids, holiday cabin or can be modified to workspace or office.


Come & explore with the February series of Granny Flat ideas & Inspirations from Australia & around the world. Check it out here at Granny Flat Finder!


This week we’ve prepared for you a dose of top modern designs from various corners of the world.


Spanish green building firm NOEM recently completed work on an interesting prefabricated house dubbed El Refugio Inteligente – or The Smart Shelter – that certainly lives up to its name.


One Bedroom Granny Flat by Baahouse + Baastudio In today economic climate with the cost of construction and renovation prices skyrocketing, -why not invest in an affordable low cost dwelling on your existing house lot.Designed by Baahouse.


Pop Blocks are off the shelf, modular houses. Have a look through our most popular products that have been built around Australia!

Idée de barrière pour la maison des enfants

Idée de barrière pour la maison des enfants