Hoot and Hootabelle kids birthday cake

Orange, Turquoise and Purple Hoot and Hootabelle Owls Buttons & Stripes Birthday Cake AMAZING!

I like this for the kids Birthday Ideas

I made the candy button punch box out of poster board, tissue paper and paper bags. Each child was asked a candy-themed trivia question. S/he then got to punch a dot and claim a prize.


You can't miss this, if you like Hello Kitty. Check out a large gallery of Hello Kitty cakes, made by very talented people. So cute and adorable, you'll want one for your birthday!

107 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

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I'm Living the Good Life: Barbie Birthday Cake

My favorite cake of all time to make was a Barbie bride cake for my daughter's fourth birthday. The easiest and most popular cake with my.