MancLudo Game

MancLudo Game - a fun board game to make at home with recycled and natural materials!

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You Rock Paper Weights

You Rock Paper Weights

Grassy Hedgehog

While I was at Harvest Festival the other week, I saw a woman making hedgehogs with children. They all had great fun putting them together.

Pressed Leaf Terrarium

Take the kids for a walk to collect bits of plants to make their own pressed leaf terrarium.

Daisy Chain

On a sunny day it's lovely to sit outside at a park and make a daisy chain. A small one makes a dainty bracelet or make a longer chain for a necklace.

Treasure Basket

Create a treasure basket for your baby or toddler. The sensory experience will allow them to learn through touch, taste and feel.

Jungle Garden

Transform an overgrown garden into a jungle garden for your children to play in.